My name is Brittany Holtmeyer. I have a been a resident of Papillion-LaVista since I was 6 years old, I went on to graduate from Papillion-LaVista High School in 2008.


I had always dreamt of getting married and starting my own family to raise in Papillion. And that’s just what I did! Although I met a Creighton Prep graduate at only 18 years old and married at 25 years, we only lived 2 mins away from each other, and I brought him over to our side ;) 


I am a mom to two boys who are my pride and joy. I have always taught them to have a heart that loves, forgives and to see the good in everyone. Be a helping hand, hold the doors and say “please and thank you” it’s the little things that they’ll forever remember. 


Growing up here, I have always loved the PL schools, I made sure to move to a location so my boys could attend the schools my family did. Some of my favorite people to this day are my old teachers! I keep in contact with them on the regular and love hearing stories of their continued teaching and some retirements! I love walking through our local stores and seeing their faces as it brings back the best memories. 


Life changes right? As I’ve continued to grow and as I’ve become a mom to my first born who is almost ready to start kindergarten I’ve become more aware. More aware of how our schools are handled and the teachings that go on on the inside. I’ve attended many state school board meetings and our local school board meetings, and that’s when I started to see a different side of things I never had. I started to see how situations were handled between staff and students, the curriculum on a deeper level, the teachings of sex education, CRT and SEL.


Throughout the past two years, I am deeply concerned how covid and the protocols they set in place have impacted the students. From their speech development, loss of learning, to their mental health.


Before my attendances I couldn’t tell you what a policy was, I couldn’t tell you what we were spending our district money on and now I do. As I have always said, “we don’t know, what we don’t know”. So that’s why I am here, I have prayed and have felt God calling me to run for the PLCS board to be part of the solution and not the problem.


To some I may be a plain Jane mom, I don’t come from politics, I don’t come from a revolving circle within our district, I don't have outside money being donated to my campaign and I won't have that money following me to "help" make decisions for PL. I am a mom, I am a concerned parent, I am a tax paying citizen and I am NOW aware.


I'm just a mom who wants my children to not feel the pressure from the world to be something they're not. To never read a book and have a judgement towards someone else or to feel bad about themselves. To always remember Psalm 139:14 tells us "we are fearfully and wonderfully made". I am a mom that wants my children to pick others up when they are down, to be an encouragement to others, to be a voice and to be that friend that others run to for prayer. I want to stay informed in their teachings and to be aware of what is being brought to the table. 


Becoming a PLCS board member I will: uphold all policies set in place by the board, be fiscally responsible, bring full transparency to the table and community. To always remind the teachers, staff and community taxpayers, YOU elect the board, the board choose a superintendent and THEY work for the people! 

Our children are our FUTURE!