Hi there!


By the grace of God, the powerful prayers from my family and community we came out #1 in the primary!!! Thank you all that have and continue to put your trust in me. I was blown away with tears and excitement. 


I wanted to give a little “campaign update”. I took time this summer with my husband and kids at the splash pads, ball fields, library and had a small family vacation! These little moments don’t last forever and I will cherish all the memories we had made. We walked in both parades this year and had a fantastic turnout! Thank you to the teachers and community members who walked with us. It was a hot one but everyone had a smile on their face!! 


One thing I did not stop doing was attending board meetings. Throughout these last two years I have been to every meeting. Although, it was a little more quiet at the meetings this summer I still showed up. Unlike some others running for the school board I have spoken and will continue to do so. When we have a current board that votes 6-0 every time, there needs to be accountability held and questions asked .

For the last 5 years I have done a gratitude giveaway to give back to the teachers in the community before school starts. I feel like when God blesses me He wants me to bless others in return. I want my children to always remember and have the hearts to give back as well. We went back to school shopping! Filled our cart to the top with supplies and money for the special teacher to use however they wished! We had people on Facebook nominate a teacher and I'm proud to say we had over 50 nominations!! 


Patricia Conway Boyd and I hosted a successful town hall. We had many teachers and people from the community who joined in. It’s great to have an open discussion and hear the tax paying citizens concerns. I look forward to hosting more! We need to have transparency and I fully believe these forums are key to doing so! 

I also had the honor to be on a school board candidate panel at a freedom rally with over 100 people. I had the opportunity to be in a dunk tank with proceeds going to my campaign. I simply declined to have the proceeds go to me as I had felt God leading me in a different direction. My proceeds were going to a PL teacher who is battling cancer. Although that part of the event got rained out I was still able to raise over $200 for him and his family. 


I just received my 300 yard sign order! I have not had to go to a single door and ask to “place” a sign and I have not put a yard sign out without permission! To know I have personally (and my campaign managers who are 3 and 5) placed each yard sign or a community member took one from an event, I am forever grateful! Thank you to those who had reached out to me to place a BIG sign on the back of their fence! 


Early ballots and in person early voting has begun. We are less than a month out from Election Day! The ballot says vote up to three, you do NOT have to vote for three ;) 


Knowing I have been honest, transparent, true to myself and have not flip flopped, gives me peace. I have prayed for God to make my words travel far and wide and He has provided. I am ready to see where He guides me next!  

-Brittany Holtmeyer